Puck You

Puck You is game using speech recognition to alert the message of “What comes around goes around”.




Game Design
Physical Computing
Social Change


Game Scenario · Level Design
Hardware Design


Fusion 360
Adobe Illustrator
3D Printer & Mills & Laser Cutter

Collaborated with

Daye Kwan
(Software Programmer)

01. Game Concept

“What comes around goes around”

Above is the message we aimed to deliver through the gameplay of Puck You. We used Google speech recognition technology to transform the spoken swear words into the rounded virtual puck.
Two players have to bounce off the pucks with flippers, controlled by the joystick, to prevent one’s own inappropriate words from bouncing back to oneself. We used pinball as a metaphor and ball ‘puck’ from hockey puck – a kind of wordplay.

02. Outcome

03. Game Elements

Game elements consist of both virtual and physical components. The overall board of the game is projected virtually onto the table. The flippers and two obstacles are physical objects to enhance the enjoyment and immersion of the game.

Each player is given a game controller equipped with a microphone in the center for voice input and two pushbuttons are positioned on both sides of the controller: one used for attack and the other for defense.

04. How To Play

Two players stand at two sides of a table, facing each other. Players shout out offensive words to generate virtual puck. The puck, the result of the transformation of spoken swear words, bounces off the borders and obstacles in the game. Players attack or defense, by pushing buttons on the joystick.

The game ends when a player loses six points, projecting all the swearing words spoken during the game on the side of the person who got lost.

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