Synchronous communication and project2 development

Project 2 development

Question: How can we improve Zoom(online, remote communication)?
Now that a lot of things happening in Zoom or other online conversation platforms, we are experiencing a lack of connection compared to the in-person experience.

Things lost due to virtual communication
  1. Eye Contact

The position of the camera, situated upper side of the computer, made it extremely difficult for people to make eye contact.
If we look at the camera, counterpart can feel the “eye contact”, however we can’t see the face of the counterpart. 

2. 3D Space

When meeting people in-person we feel the three dimensions as we look around people sitting/ standing in different directions/positions.
However, virtual and on-screen communication has made everything flat – every conversation happens in front of you.

3. Distractions

When meeting in-person there are a lot of things happening other than the conversation itself. People manipulate things or the area around them. Such as people moving the object near them or moving the chair which makes the floor vibrate along with the action. Being in on-line eliminated all of these distractions. We no longer see the change of the position of the object or environment.

4. Touch

We lost tactile feedback, such as a touch on the shoulder as a sign of support or friendship.

WHat can be done?


The idea mimics a thing happening when people communicating in-person. The movement of the P1, moving back and forth while sitting, is transferred to P2 by vibration on the chair as if P2 is feeling the P1’s chair sliding. 

Haptic controller guide

3D space

The idea transforms 2D conversation space into 3D by simply rotating the device used in on-line conversation according to the position of the counterpart’s head.