Individualism, a kinetic installation, aims to raise awareness on the importance of individualism, to achieve the greatest value.

PROJECT Timeline



New Media
Social Change


PlaceMAK, South Korea
(July  – Aug 2017)


Video Design


Arduino · Processing
Fusion 360
Adobe AfterEffects
3D Printer · Laser Cutter

Design Background

We are masters of our lives, which however often excessively involve others in our lives, ending up prioritizing others than ourselves, It is time for us to rethink the way of life in this society. The work suggests that individualism will give the greatest value.
The installation uses elements of two binary numbers 0 and 1, each presenting others and myself. The more concentration it goes to yourself, the total value will reach its maximum value, while the value decreases as others get prioritized.

    Design Concept

    Individualism is the ideal state for the highest value and should be precedence over social group

    6 cubes representing the world
    used to represent a concept from the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

    The Binary number from 000000 to 111111
    0 represents others(social group) whereas 1 represents myself. 

    How It Works

    Six cubes have two sides with numbers of 1 and 0 attached to each of them. The cubes react to the number of people, sensed through the web camera installed on the ceiling. According to the number of people, the servo motors rotate responsively.
    When there are more than six people, the cubes display 0,0,0,0,0,0 – the calculated number of zero. As the number of people decreases, the cubes rotate showing changes from 0 to 1, starting from the right side of the cube.
    The maximum value the cubes can show – 1,1,1,1,1,1 is only displayed under one circumstance: when there is a single audience. The video is projected on the surface of the cube in return as a reward.

      Design Process

      The installation went through the process of –
      1) questioning the reason, medium, and delivery of the work to the audience 2) iterations to make the perfect cube,
      3) iterations to detect the number of people, trying out Kinect, Blob Detection and openCV face detection, and finally used background subtraction through web camera
      4) final installation
      5) adjustments on projection mapping.

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