Goosebump Simulator

Goosebump simulator is a platform that indirectly shows goosebumps on behalf of you and society




New Media
Social Change


Sound Design
Hardware Design (silicon)


Pure Data
Bela Board

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Design Background

“We’ve never hired a woman for this position.” The aforementioned is the discriminative saying that freaks us out, getting goosebumps just listening to those axioms. Like so, we frequently hear creepy sayings in every corner of society, whether it is a trivial, unpleasant, or a discriminative saying. 
The Goosebumps Simulator gets goosebumps on behalf of us, working as a platform to make audiences think over the society full of stories that can freak us out. 

Design Elements

In this work, it sets in the workplace. The sound station has four buttons, where prerecorded creepy sayings related to the context is played on click. As a result of the action, the goosebumps made of silicon inflates. The more creepy things it hears the bigger the goosebumps become, which may end up with burn out.

Design Process

Experimentation with Silicon and Air Pump

Experimentation with Bela Board

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