Hi, I’m Jung!

Interactive storyteller delivering messages via Product Design & Interactive Experiences

I enjoy observing people’s stories and finding innovative ways to spread or solve them, often via AR experience and tangible interaction.

I also aim to be a mitigator between society’s problems and a silent barrier, bringing the issues to the surface to make them better understood and empathized.

Currently, I’m pursuing my Master’s degree in Interactive Telecommunication Program (ITP – class of 22) at New York University and open for full-time positions.


Portfolio Book


Skills & Tools

I obtained skills spanning from UX research, graphic design, software · hardware prototyping. I am keeping on develop myself to become a forward-thinking innovator.

UX Research

Design Thinking
Qualitative/ quantitative research
UI Design
Persona creation · Storyboard design


Photoshop · Illustrator
Premiere Pro · After Effects
Sketch · Figma
 · Invision


HTML · CSS · JavaScript
C# · Unity AR/ VR
Spark AR


Fusion 360 · Blender 
3D printing · Laser cutting

Who Am I?

Storyteller – New Media Artist & Interaction Designer

A mitigator between the society’s problems and a silent barrier, bringing the issues to the surface  to make them better understood and empathized

Portfolio Book

Artist statement

As an interactive storyteller, I work in the field of research, design, and new media art. I focus on addressing countless problematic stories that have been often overlooked, within the society. Especially centered on the hardships of the people, I investigate interactions that encourage shared experiences and understandings.
As an interdisciplinary artist with experience as a UX researcher and designer focusing on minorities, I execute work by opening up ears to disputes among the people and translating the issues through diverse mediums to make intangible problems visible. I have tackled concerns that people face in the present such as – the war of finding jobs, cultural misunderstandings, inherited religion and its effect, and society with decreasing empathy but increasing abuses.
I am strongly inspired by the practice of critical design. It throws imaginative questions and creates space for discussion – similar to methods that I thrive. I experiment with representing social issues through digital and physical forms to often give a twist on them. Digital game and kinetic installation are a frequent method I use to approach, effectively lowering the audience’s boundary toward social concerns. I also further extend the field of experimentation such as VR, AR, brain wave communication(EEG), and sound design. Overall, I create new media works to enlighten the audience by dealing with the issue through a critical point of view, incorporating culture and humor.
Puck You is one of the most representative projects that show my expression method.  It is an interactive piece of work that gives a message on “What goes around comes around” using speech recognition technology. Adopting the pinball as a metaphor, players’ curse words are transformed into a virtual puck – a kind of wordplay. The players bounced off the pucks with flippers controlled by the joystick to prevent one’s own inappropriate words bouncing back to oneself. The game tries to make players look back on their behavior and solve the problem of people slandering each other, by substantiating the invisible habit of using insults, into a visible form – the puck.
Further, I want to open a new perspective on future technological problems. For example, the research I participated in – Puppeteering the User – exhibits several provoking questions that I want to focus on. It is a conventional understanding that Artificial Intelligence(AI) should be submissive. Against the traditional stance, the potential of AI with dominant feature can have an advantageous impact. In the entertainment context such as amusement parks, people take a passive stance, allowing the operator to manipulate the situation. Juxtapositioning the operator as the dominant agent, it can create a meaningful intervention to dramatize the user’s experience. There are more challenging stories of the future that I would like to explore.
As a mitigator between society’s malfunction and the silent barrier in the era of radical social and technological advancement, I explore the proper direction of converging art and technology – utilizing them in a way that truly speaks for the people.

WHAT i do?

Deliver stories wish to be told through technology and Design.
Try to be in one’s shoes and express those messages in various kinds of forms


Create stories for the brand’s product and service from idea development to real-life outcomes, based on UX research and interaction design.

Design Brand’s Identity

Create an identity for the brand through graphic design, from the company’s logo to website



2019 MS in Industrial Design, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST), Daejeon, South Korea
2018 (Exchange Study) 
Master of Arts in New Media Design and Production, Aalto ARTS, Helsinki, Finland
2016 BS in Information & Interaction Design , Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea(Double major: Bachelor of Science in Culture and Design Management)


2017- Current Freelance Graphic · Interaction Designer, Huh Jung Design Studio, Seoul, Korea
Augmented Reality Application Developer & Designer, POG, Seoul, South Korea
2017 Concept Designer, Wonderlab(KAIST) in Collaboration with Samsung Display, Daejeon, South Korea
2016-2017 Production Assistant and Concept Designer, Wonderlab(KAIST) in Collaboration with the National Science Museum, Daejeon, South Korea
Assistant Researcher, Technology and Design Research Center at Yonsei University, Incheon, South Korea


2018 Line of Light, FLOW Festival · Design Factory · Games Factor, Helsinki, Finland
2017 Individualism, Aesthetic Caculation Exhibition, Place MAK, South Korea


2016-2019 National Scholarship, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, 
2015 Merit Scholarship, Yonsei University


2013-2015 Taught Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop as part of Residential Assistant Progr, Yonsei University
2017 Assisted Design Aesthetic Design and Fundamental course, KAIST


2017 Z-Force Cubic Interface, HCI International 2017, Vancouver, Canada
2016 COBLOC: Emotional Block between Single Parent and a Child, extended abstract, HCI Korea 2016, Kangwon-do, South Korea

Design and Interactive Technology has the Power to Spread Warmth and Message.
I am Looking for People and Company to Work with to Create Wonderful Impact.

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