What is computation? 

What is computation? 

I am into storytelling, especially, my heart goes to those stories that people are prone to ignore. Stories of marginalized people, social, environmental issues, ETC, I always thought that there should be a way to deliver those stories to people, bringing issues up to the surface. 
Interactive storytelling, which uses computation as a medium, is the solution and direction that I’m aiming for. Bringing people to participate in interactive experiences allows a soft but strong way of communication. Technology and novel approach often break people’s boundaries toward certain issues, and at the same time, the approach affects people strongly through an immersive experience. 

I’m thinking of continuing my journey as an interactive storyteller, by opening ears to things happening near me – New York. For instance, a noisy road construction going on just in front of my flat gave me an idea of creating a music piece called “Four seasons” which narrates all the economical behind stories of road construction in NYC during the whole year. The computation work happening this semester might take a form installation, as I love the physicality and interactive participation. 

Screen Drawing 

I am refreshing my lousy P5.js knowledge that I learned a couple of years ago. Below are things that I learned from the exercise.

  • There is no such things like color(), fill() is the proper function.
  • Order check: strokeWeight() should go before stroke().
  • Use of arch: arch(x, y, width, height, startingPoint, endingPoint)
  • Things to discover more: translate() and rotate() are not simple as it seems to be.

    Whatever it goes below the translate() and rotate(), they are all affected. push() and pop() are the way to solve this problem.

  • To make blinking effect, increase value in draw() and use modulate.
    int i = i + 1;
    if (i % 70 === 0) {blah blah blah}