Line of Light

Line of Light is a two-player interactive game using LED strips and cranks with two different modes of the game – cooperative and competitive.

The game is installed at Flow Festival (Helsinki, Finland) played by thousands of visitors.

PROJECT Timeline

May – Aug 2018


FLOW Festival (Aug 2018)
Aalto Väre (Sep 2018)
Games Factory (Oct-Dec 2018)


Game Level Design
Game Box and Console Design
On-Site Installation 


Arduino Teensy Board
3D Printer
Mills · Laser Cutter

Collaborated With

Izzan Bacharrudin Soedarsono
(Game Level Design)
Matti Niinimäki (Mentor)

Game Concept

The core aim of the project is to raise awareness of the polluted Baltic Sea. Line of Light indirectly speaks the issue by expressing the streams of the sea tide using LED Strips and cranks.
Considering the mood of the festival, the game has two different modes of the game: competitive mode and collaborative mode.

Topic (Baltic sea) 

LED Sea Tide + Crank

Game Environment (festival)

Easy + Approachable + Safe + Fun

Game Variation

Competition Mode + Collaboration Mode

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Installation Overview

Three LED strips are installed on the ceiling of Aika-Lava, a wooden architecture built for the festival.
Game boxes are positioned on the floor, facing each other.


  • 3 LED strips on the ceiling 

157.5×39.4 inch

  • Two box controllers

9.5×9.5×39 inch

How To Play

Tug of War

Compete against each other by rotating the crank faster to reach your rival’s side.

Balance of Light

Cooperate with a partner to reach the white area and stay for 3 seconds to unlock the magic. 3 chances are given each session and unlock 5 times to win.

LED Sea Tide + Crank

Easy + Approachable + Safe + Fun

Competition Mode + Collaboration Mode

Design Process

Game design using teensy board and Arduino

Game box design using wood and cranks.

Onsight Installation

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